More than Just a Wine Thing

The Alien went to her first ever Matric Dance this past weekend. Her “date” is a friend of her boyfriend. Yes, you heard me, boyfriend. The silly child did not believe me when I told her 16 was far too young to do the whole dating thing. Aliens know everything though and my every effort to stop the tomfoolery came to naught. Sigh.

Anyway, life carries on and so back to the Matric dance. He only asked her a few days before the event. Either he was hoping to skip the whole affair or the thought of asking my Alien was so daunting it took a few weeks for him to pluck up the courage. My kid can be quite scary. Ask me, I know! Except, I was then left with hardly any time to find a dress that didn’t exceed my annual income but still ensure that the Alien does not look like Cinderella before the fairy Godmother pitched up.

Glug Glug Wine Club to the rescue! One e-mail and dresses started raining down on us. I don’t have the foggiest idea about girlie stuff. I thought the girls were talking about washing powder or hamburgers when they referred to Mac. (It’s frighteningly expensive makeup, lads) The wine club ladies know everything about fancy shmansy girlie stuff though. Not only did we borrow the perfect dress for this dance but also a dress for when she attends the boyfriend’s Matric dance later this year.

But wait. There is more. On the day of the dance two of the Glug Gluggers, with the promise of a glass of wine or 2 as an added incentive, rocked up with suitcases overflowing with makeup and hair paraphernalia. With a hair wand waved here and some sparkly stuff painted there – the Alien was transformed and ready for the ball….I mean…dance.

What would I have done without my Glug Glug Wine Club girls? I can’t even do my own hair and makeup properly let alone a fussy teenager’s. We only get together once a month to dop and whine, but this band of 6 merry winos provide me with so much more than just a hangover every month. They reiterate the importance of friendships and how our own shortcomings don’t matter that much when you have a team willing to support you when you are out of your depth.

Jax and Lynette are now officially the Matric Dance Godmothers. They can be contacted on 555….actually no they can’t. You get your own wine club/book club/chess club/gardening club so that you too can surround yourself with fairy Godmothers to brighten and enlighten your life.

Serious concentration.
Alien loved the pampering
Alien loved the pampering
With her 2 fairy Godmothers
With her 2 fairy Godmothers
End result
End result
Et Voila!
Et Voila!

5 thoughts on “More than Just a Wine Thing”

  1. Loved this blog – hilarious as always. The alien looks magnificent and the points you make about friendship are spot on. I think there’s also something to be said about sharing resources like this and not spending a whack of money on one night’s events. The stories I hear about what people spend on matric dances makes me want to weep for society and the messed-up values being taught to the next generation. I suspect that while you might not have case loads of Mac (computers?) to share with your club, you bring your own set of resources that the rest benefit from. Quid pro quo and all that.

  2. She looks fabulous!
    And the Fairy Matric Dance Mothers did an awesome job!

    I did facilitate the meeting at my house and provided refreshments for the pre matric dance pre Fairy Matric Dance Mothers gathering! Do I get a mention! Hmmmm

    Jokes aside what a lovely young lady you have and what wonderful friends we have

  3. Thank you Sioux and Lesmarie. Lesmarie, you most definitely get a mention for the amazing wine club meeting with the most delicious food which provided the venue for the “gathering of the dresses.”
    So true Sioux. Having friends help out made the entire event far more meaningful and fun than if I had rushed out and purchased something I am sure I bring something to the club. Ummm…I’ll get back to you on what…

  4. Well your young Amy looked gorgeous. And Let me know when the next pre-dance ball gathering is as I have an alien to prepare on the 20th of April. I expect all hands on deck from the Glug Gulg Wine Club. And yes that does include you Lesmarie the Fairy Godmother!

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