I am a South African Sausage

Yo. My name is Worsie. For those non-South African readers Worsie is a shortened / diminutive version of the word Boerewors. Boerewors is a South African sausage that is held in such high esteem they named a dude in a TV show after said sausage. The show is called “Molly en Wors” and the human whose blog I am now writing on hasn’t the foggiest idea what the show is about. All she knows is that I have a sister called Molly but she is shy and never comes over to this house. The writer of this blog is too English for her own good, obviously.

This is who I am named after apparently

Let me continue even if the human is clueless.

I am the next door neighbour of the Furry Four, the Alien, Chicken Man and Alma. They are decent enough neighbours in general. Bit noisy at times and prone to eccentricities. I pull in to their house on a daily basis. I have kind of made myself at home here as my home is overrun with 4 dogs. At this house there is only one dog and Roxy the Foxy has become my best friend whether she likes it or not.

I am Worsie. Pleased to meet you

I am a teenager so I kinda like the human they call Alien. She is a tad dull for me though. Stares at a cellphone all day. The three lady cats at this house are the rudest chicks I have ever met. They all ignore me. I swagger into their home, as only a dapper young gent as I can, and they don’t budge a whisker. So humiliating! I understand that they have been “snipped” but still. My reputation as the “lad about town” is in tatters thanks to these ladies.

The human lady of this house, Alma, adores me as she says she has always wanted a ginger cat so that she isn’t the only red head in the house. Bugger her. The person I feel the most for in this house is the Chicken Man. Can you imagine being the only man in a home of 6 girls? The poor man! He may be a bit pedantic about things like me walking on the kitchen counters but otherwise he is so kind and loves me to bits.

Roxy is my tjommie at this house. As long as Alma doesn’t give me too much attention Roxy and I are friends. When any human tries to stroke me or pick me up, Roxy goes ballistic. I wonder if over-protectiveness is curable?

So pleased that I got to introduce myself. I look forward to chatting to you soon. I will never be a part of the Furry Four but considering I spend most of my time here – I hope I’ll be included in one or two future blogs.

Roxy keeps a close eye on my every movement. She loves me really.

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