Perfume and Pompoms

Without startingto sound like a gardening blog, considering my Jasmine post, I love the perfumethat some plants have.  “Yesterday, Todayand Tomorrow” trees emit the most glorious smell.  I have never had any luck with roses but ifone has the patience to adhere to their long list of fiddly and fancifulrequirements – roses will bless you with their beautiful scent.
One of the many Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow trees in my  jungle, umm, garden.

I have thisugly, messy, unruly plant growing like a weed in my garden.  For 11 out of 12 months they serve no purposeexcept as privacy from our neighbours who are so cool we don’t really needprivacy from them.  They also dropcopious amounts of large, elongated, shrivelled leaves. (The plants – not theneighbours.  Really!)  I have no clue what they are called – their Latin,biological and common name all elude me.)

What is sospecial about “plant with no name” is that the ugly brown clumps at the end of theirstalks turn into white laced pompoms and drenched the air with a powerful aromathat can be smelt for miles.  The smellpermeates every inch of the house and the garden.  This only lasts a couple of weeks but I lookforward to those 2 weeks every year.  Theperfume is so potent that one could almost get a headache from it. 
They look like Lamingtons, don’t they?

I am sograteful that these “weeds” grow so prolifically in my garden.  

Please come and visit me one evening (they onlygive off their precious aroma at night) in January/February and allow theglorious perfume to uplift you. 

If you knowwhat they are called – I’ll give you a glass of wine.  Fair trade?

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