Mothers Day Maudlin

Mothers Day is yet another of those pesky Hallmark holidays like Valentine’s Day, Secretaries Day and Bosses Day designed to sell cards, get rid of excess chocolate stocks and deplete the earth of fresh flowers.

Yes, I am a mom and I do appreciate the fact that the Alien does not backchat or whine at me on that one day of the year. She also makes me a card because she knows that I appreciate a personal card (and some semblance of tidiness in her room) more than any material gift. Her response to a comment I recently made that she should make a card for a teacher who was leaving was met with extreme horror.

“Ma, we just don’t do that sort of thing anymore.”

By “we” she was probably referring to the rest of the Alien population. Such a pity.

As much as I enjoy the perks of Mothers Day like “Ma, would you like some coffee” with absolutely no prompting or nagging, I do tend to get a bit weepy on this day.

I, like all moms, think of my Mother on this day. I lost my Mom when I was 15 and although I do not need a Hallmark Day to think of her, it is difficult to not dwell on her life and my memories of her and feel more than a little resentment. Why did she have to die so young? Surely the Big Man could have let us have a few more years of her down here on earth?

So this message is for all those mothers who have had the privilege of sharing all those “big girl” experiences with their Mom: Your wedding day, your pregnancy, the birth of your children, advice on how to deal with colic/teething/temper tantrums/hormones. Appreciate your Moms, cherish your time with her no matter how much she may irritate you or pass judgement on the way you parent her grandchildren.

Now, if someone can advise me how to make the Alien appreciate everything Chicken Man and I do for her and offer to make coffee for the other 364 days of the year, I promise I’ll make you a big Thank You card with hearts and kisses, glue and glitter and everything…

7 thoughts on “Mothers Day Maudlin”

  1. The bottom photo could actually be my mom with me and my 3 older brothers! I am sure she often felt like that after having 4 children in 5 years.

  2. Alma you hit the nail on the head for me. Doing Mothers Day without my mom is the hardest thing I do every year (other than homework with the reluctant student daily). I miss her everyday but the milestone days are the hardest.

    Great blog my friend!

  3. Loved your "Mother's Day"-Blog, Alma 🙂
    I am fortunate to have my mom still around but only on Friday we buried my school friend Ana, who is leaving behind son and daughter aged 10 + 12. I really hope they will cope well and have a lot of support. Sad thing 🙁

  4. Thank you Lesmarie and Simone.
    Sorry to hear about your friend, Simone. How very sad. I hope that the children will be okay.

  5. I love your pictures… they are hilarious. Great post 2… makes me feel like I should make a greater effort with my mom despite all her crazy moments.

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