Makes You Think, Doesn’t It?

The Alien’s plea for a Blackberry in order to make her lifewhole has not waned since I wrote about it here.  
She has quite a sense of humour thatkid.  When all the children in her classwere told to place their phones on the teacher’s desk prior to writing an exam– she placed her calculator on the desk. She had written” Blackberry” on the calculator.  At least the teacher appreciated her humourand informed the Alien after the exam that she did not have any missed calls orBBM’s.
The Alien still does not have a Facebook account so, when Iread this little piece she had written, I took a look at myself.  Was she suggesting something?  Am I a neglectful wife and mother?  “Nah, this seems to be how everyone is thesedays.” She said.  Phew.  Still – it makes you think, doesn’t it?
Modern Times – guest blog by the Alien

I wonder why your faces don’t change colour from staring atthe light coming from your screen all day.
Your daily dose of exercise is poking people?
You are following him, she is following you.  Who is actually the leader in this wholefollowing pack?
Your laptop is an upgrade of your husband/wife.  It goes wherever you go.  You tell it all your feelings and it respondswith about 100 comments.
And if your computer shuts down – your life shuts down.  Oh no! Now you have to talk face-to-face!
I’ll give you some pointers about real life.
  •   You don’t poke people when you want theirattention nor do you put up your thumb and say “like” when they say something interesting. 
  • When you get bored of the conversation, youcan’t shut down.
  • You don’t actually follow people wherever theygo because that doesn’t lead to friendship – only restraining orders.
  • Your computer is NOT your life.            

Alrighty then, best I listen to my daughter and sign off, pack my laptop away and GETA LIFE.

2 thoughts on “Makes You Think, Doesn’t It?”

  1. Wise beyond her years. I too am blessed with a 15 year old son that is very happily adjusted in life- without a PS3, Iphone, FB, Ipad or Blackberry. Once he got teased by a grown for not having a cell phone and "missing" out on texting and FB, so to my son's embarressment (sp) I got my son's chain mail,swords, hand forged knives and other armor that he had made over the past 2 years while he was "missing out" happily not texting or on FB. To peers her thoughts might be "alien" by I think she sounds like one of the most level headed young girls I have heard of. She has her mom's gift for writing too. Ps. do you believe in arrange marriages? Just kidding! xxx

  2. Thank you Helen. I was so impressed when I read what she wrote. She also wrote another piece which I will share soon.

    Your son is definitely one of the most talented young men I have "met" so yes, I do believe in arranged marriages 🙂

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