I Love Social Media Training

Training people on social media can either be rewarding or frustrating. Nothing makes me happier than seeing my training delegates embrace what I have taught them and work hard to ensure the success of their social media accounts for their businesses.

Getting positive feedback from a client is always a bonus especially long after the training as social media is not a sprint – it is a marathon.

Thank you to Megan Harker for this feedback shared on her Facebook Profile. I trained Megan a good few years ago but she has often called me to ask me about new developments on Facebook and to ask my advice on her strategy. I am always happy to assist as her interest and enthusiasm just makes my day!

Positive feedback via Megan of Gecko Culinary Adventures
Positive feedback via Megan of Gecko Culinary Adventures

Well done Megan and all the best to you and Gecko Culinary Adventures.
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