Gifts and Gratitude

I am a rather simple chick. I have no illusions of grandeur and my wishes are verging on the dulland darn right boring.
  • I wish the Alien would listen to me the first time I saysomething (Not a difficult request surely?)
  • I wish my cats and dog would stop shedding hair everywhere(I am drowning in their hair, people. HELP!)
  • I wish alcohol didn’t give me a hangover (How can somethingso delightful be so punishing?  It’scruel I tell you.)
  • I wish TV adverts weren’t so bloody loud (They are at least1000 decibels louder than the programme you just fell asleep to.)
  • I wish women could stand together and force feminine hygienecompanies to bring down the prices of sanitary towels/tampons (Come on, it’s arip off.  I expect to see cotton wool pricesafter gold and oil prices on business news. It is clearly a rare commodity)

When it comes to my birthday I am therefore totally coolwith just a well-worded card or an e-mail or a phone call.  No mess, no fuss required.  I am over 40 remember.  As long as Chicken Man and the Alien rememberto give me an extra hug and kiss (and exempt me from cooking dinner) I am ahappy camper.
We have a no-gift policy in our family.  One of my brothers does not conform to thispolicy however and, together with his wife, always gets me the most apt and amazinggift.  I was nursing the last fumes in myperfume bottle and VOILA – they gave me perfume for Christmas. I was growing crow’sfeet like ostrich feet around my eyes squinting against the Durban sun andVOILA – they gave me sunglasses. So it goes on…
This year they gave me something that I have wanted since theproduct first hit the market.  Myobsession for reading has never been a secret. So, when I opened their gift to me last night, I could not contain mytears of gratitude.  I have aKindle! 
What more can I say? A fantasy comes true. I’ll ignore the cat and dog hairs and payfull price for tampons as I lose myself in my love for the written word on my new toy.  Thank you Herman and Michaela.
My joy cannot really be captured by Kodak but thank you Vernon for sending me this pic.

7 thoughts on “Gifts and Gratitude”

  1. How wonderful!! And I really wish that I could help you with your above dilemmas, but I too suffer from the same aggravations!! I am also totally jealous about the Kindle. Happy Birthday (I hope I didn't miss anything…)!

  2. My birthday is tomorrow (18th Jan), fellow Capricorn. Thank you for your wishes. What? No help? Not even with the pet hairs? Darn!!!!

  3. Well…I did see this apparatus advertised here that is like a vacuum brush that pets supposedly "love". Next time I see the commercial I will let you know what it is called! I am sure you can get it online!!!

    AND…as promised…let me know what recipe you would like to see me post and I will with a shout out to you!

  4. Alma my friend this is the BEST present anyone could give you! Now you may want your Alien to listen to you but are you not glad that your brother does not!!!
    I giggled when I saw the photo as it looks like you are holding a giant phone to your ear and I thought that you and the Alien are more alike than you think!
    Happy Happy birthday dear lady – and that you are a true lady full of grace – and according to this blog Wine but that is another whole story!

  5. Melanie – it is as hot and humid as hell here in Durban so a great salad or salad dressing recipe would be most welcome.

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